Folks To Follow!

Every week we will post the names of some interesting folks to follow over on Twitter. Some are friends. Some are colleagues. Some we just admire from afar. See below. And tell ’em the Stangel Boys sent ya!

Folks to follow for the week of May 22, 2014

@HarryConnickJr He’s handsome, he can sing and he’s funny. Inventor of the Stalkie

@Joe_Grossman Veteran @Letterman writer. If you see him in person, approach slowly. No sudden movements.

@CarolineManzo Bravolebrity. Always good for a laugh. Plus, she threatened to injure us if we didn’t include her in “Folks To Follow”

Ralph Cirella @MYGEEKTIME . Creator of the wildly popular SiriusXM radio program Geektime. Pop culture connoisseur.

@PeterBotte New York Daily News sportswriter. His tweets make watching a game that much more entertaining

@BillyCorben Director of “Cocaine Cowboys” and the 30 for 30s “The U” and “Broke.” Talented mo fo.


Folks to follow for the week of May 14, 2014

Another week, more recommendations of “Folks to Follow”

@LeeEllenberg– Veteran @Letterman writer with a deep appreciation for M*A*S*H. If we could, we would adopt this man

@GerardMulligan1– I’m going to go ahead and use the word. He’s a comedy writing legend. If we could, we’d be listed in his will.

@HeatherDubrow. Fellow Chappaqua, NY native. Talented actress. Orange County Housewife. She must get a lot of free stuff, and we’re hoping she sends us some.

@DougAbeles. Jewish fellow. In comedy. Can you believe it?

@MichelleDBeadle ESPN host. Weird (in a good way). Follow her or we will come to your house and make you follow her

@JonHein– Wikipedia lists him as an “American radio personality.” He’s a great judge of pop culture and food. Gets to work with Howard Stern, which is pretty friggin cool.


Here’s this week’s additions to “Folks To Follow”

@PantsSteve Veteran Late Show writer Steve Young is a twitter delight! Often shares clips from weird Industrial Record albums.

@ TVsAndyDaly Star of the hilarious Comedy Central program called “Review” and dozens of other roles. He funny.

@GregFitzShow Greg Fitzsimmons. Talented stand up and podcaster. We worked with him years ago in a show produced at a haunted hotel ballroom.

@Io9– If you are a geek and like all things science fiction, dear god, please follow them

And for all of your NFL Draft needs:

@RichEisen, Trey Wingo @Wingoz, @CindyBoren, and @JudyBattista. These people are smart. Smarter than you. They will explain to you what the hell is happening during the draft AND BEYOND!


@Letterman – Official Twitter page of the Late Show with David Letterman. Lots of behind the scenes pics. Maybe you’ll win a car!* (*they don’t give away cars)

@barbara_gaines1– Late Show Executive Producer Barbara Gaines. Follow along during the final year at Late Show.

@robertkelly– Comedian. Podcaster. Wiseass. Do not lend him any money.

@richarddeitsch– Writer/Reporter for Sports Illustrated and @SINow. Uses twitter perfectly. Offers links to stories you need to read from all across the Web Wide World. Isn’t one of those guys who you want to shut up already.

@chrisrregan– Comedy Writer. Thinker. American. Deserves to have a billion followers, minimum.